Friday, November 7, 2014

To Begin...

To begin, let me disclaim this by prefacing my first post to this blog with: this is uninteresting. This is uninteresting, unfairly critical, and utterly indulgent. Were it not for the last non-stagnated bits of my brain that have managed to survive despite my encouragement of torpor, this blog would likely not exist at all. Every post on here will consist of nothing more than the musings of an adolescent with her head stuck much too far into the dirt of un-creativity to even conjecture to string together more than three words of any interest to you, average reader who requires rapidly vacillating and wholly engaging entertainment; in fact, due to that, I commend you for getting this far in the paragraph. Unfortunately, your perseverance will not pay off, as there is nothing further of note for this first paragraph- and in case it wasn't clear, I don't really care enough to congratulate.

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If you choose to ignore this, then your privileges of the ability to give a shit about anything will be suspended for two weeks. Here's some complementary regret in advance.